Melissa (mylittlepwny) wrote in then_theres_us,

challenge 011


This week we've got something a little different for your talent writerly fingers to grab onto! This challenge, instead of using photos to inspire a little doctor/rose loving out of you, we're using FANART! Because we LOVE FANART and aside from the mondo jealousy the talent behind it all incites within your modly mod we believe it should be utilized for ALL SORTS OF DELICIOUS THINGS, UP TO AND INCLUDING FIC.

So have at it! Same rules apply as with photo prompts, click through links on each take you to the artist.

1. This challenge ends in one week(plus), on June 9th at 9pm EST.
2. You may enter up to three times.
3. Keep your fic Doctor/Rose focused. Remember, they are totally into each other, guys!
4. Please tag your entry with your usernames and the challenge number.
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