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The Given Day TenII/Rose, PG-13, Presumed character death warning.
At first she was disoriented about where she was. She knows she was dreaming about her wedding day, but she doesn’t know why this made her so sad, nor why she woke up with tears in her eyes. Then she reaches out to the other side of her bed and it all comes crashing down on her. 1,501 words.

A/N: I'm also working on my Christmas fic, due to a bunch of things the muse went into hibernation and this just struck inspiration first.

A/N2: So close and yet I still missed the deadline. *sighs*

Rose Tyler is a bride.

She never thought she would ever see this day, especially after Canary Wharf. Yet, there she was; a bride on a summer’s day. Wearing a white floor - length off the shoulder gown in the warm sunshine. Walking down the aisle towards the one man she had always given her heart to.

The Doctor looked dashing in his coattails. That bright smile shining all the way down the aisle. It’s a smile that’s always been reserved for her and always would be. Rose tried to contain herself and not make a mad dash the rest of the way towards him. Fun as it would be, her mum would probably kill her for doing so and the Doctor for any suspected encouragement. Finally she managed to complete her walk to him.

As she joined her hands with his, she saw in his eyes the promise of a brand new phase of their life together.

Rose Tyler opened her eyes.

At first she was disoriented about where she was. She knows she was dreaming about her wedding day, but she doesn’t know why this made her so sad, nor why she woke up with tears in her eyes. Then she reaches out to the other side of her bed and it all comes crashing down on her.

She’s in her flat alone.

Because Rose Tyler was a widow.

She tries not to close her eyes again, because if she did, she would see everything that happened that cost the Doctor his life all over again. The alien they were facing; one of its claws bearing down on her, then the Doctor pushing her out of the way. She can still his screams of agony and then the awful silence that followed. Her Doctor completely and unnaturally still.

This time, forever.

“Rose, honey,” Her mum said, sitting on the bed next to her, hand gently on Rose’s shoulder. “It’s time to get ready.”

A few hours later, Rose Tyler is sitting in the front pew of the church, not even listening to the words of the priest and the various eulogies being given. Rose wasn’t sure if the Doctor would have wanted this, infact, she was leaning toward being sure that he would not have, but Jackie Tyler had pointed out that this was both for appearances sake, as well as closure for everybody else who knew him. Rose knew her mum was right about the appearances part (and for the first time since she arrived on this world, truly resented the high profile of her family that forced something like this), but she was not so sure about the closure part. She knew she would never have it, because a part of her still did not want to let go.

As the service drew to a close, the morticians prepared to move the casket over to the grave that had been picked out for burial.

“No!” Rose nearly shouted.

“Rose..” Jackie began.

“Please, just a few minutes with him, before – “ Rose broke off, unable to continue due to the tears threatening to engulf her.

Her parents nodded and the morticians silently walked away from the casket as Rose opened the top half.

She looks down at the Doctor’s body lying there in that tiny box. He looked for all the world like he was sleeping; as if in a few moments he would spring up out of the casket and as what they were going to do next, right down to being dressed in the suit that he had worn his very first day on this world. Despite the fact that Rose refused to have him embalmed, he still looked almost the same as right before he died. Rose idly thought how the Doctor would have hated how much morticians’ make – up was needed in order to achieve that. She gently touched his cheek.

She frowned. She had touched bodies of dead relatives at funerals before and they all felt waxy and like ice cubes. The Doctor felt like neither. She wondered if it had to do with the fact that she had not had him embalmed. Though, come to think of it, even underneath the make – up he didn’t look quite so blue either.

She frowned, and ran a finger across his brow and down his nose.

Rose felt her heart skip a beat.

There was a subtle movement, as if an attempt to furrow the brows together or scrunch his nose. So slight that if Rose hadn’t been looking directly had him at that moment, she would have missed it.

I - I think he’s alive,” she said.

“Rose..” Peter Tyler started, and Rose knows both he and Jackie think she finally lost all sense of sanity. Maybe she had, but she at that point, she really did not care.

So she ignores them, grabs the Doctor’s hand in both of hers, which was no longer as cold as when she last held it in Torchwood’s morgue.

“Doctor?” Rose asked, trying hard to not let her hopes get to high, incase her parents were right, that she was deluding herself. “Doctor, if you’re still in there, squeeze my hand. It – it doesn’t have to be a great, big squeeze. Just a small one, that’s all I want.”

She stood there for a few moments, hoping and waiting. All the while out of the corner of her eye she could see her parents standing there nervously, wondering if they had just lost their daughter in a different, way than their son – in – law, yet just as irrevocably. Rose herself was now starting to seriously question her sanity as she took one her hands off of his to place it on his chest. Then, like so many times since a man in a leather jacket took her hand, the impossible happened.

Pale, long fingers tried to weakly curl around hers.

A half – sob, half – laugh escaped from Rose’s throat. As she leaned down, she could feel the single heart sluggishly beating beneath the hand she had placed over it. She puts her lips on his cool once as if they were a lifeline; her breath hitching slightly as the Doctor’s lips slightly part against hers. When she raises her head up again she looks at half open lids, revealing dark brown eyes she didn’t think she’d ever see again.

“Rose,” it’s hardly a whisper, but at that moment it was the sweetest sound Rose Tyler had ever heard.

“Hi,” she replies, her voice equally soft. At that moment she’s no longer aware of her parents; can’t even hear Peter call for a med team back into the church altar to give the not – quite – so dead Doctor medical aide. All that she is aware of is the Doctor.

A day later Rose Tyler is a wife again, walking into a private room in Torchwood’s medical wing, laughing as she sees the Doctor furiously scrubbing his face.

“Blech make – up. Not even good tasting make – up at that,” the Doctor said as she sat on the bed, making Rose laugh harder. He looked far better than he had when he woke up in that casket. Rose mentally shuddered and pushed out all the ‘what if’s that will surely haunt her dreams from her mind and put all her focus on the man that barely twenty – four hours earlier, she thought had been gone forever.

“At least it wasn’t clown make – up,” she chided, unable to hide the amused look at the pout that formed on her husband’s face. He shifted over slightly, allowing Rose to stretch out next to him.

“So I thought you said you couldn’t do a healing trance anymore in this body?” she asked, feeling his arm wrap around her shoulders.

“Didn’t think I could either,” he replied, his other hand reaching to tug on his ear. “But I suppose, I can be wrong a time or two. Still, I don’t fancy a repeat performance of that. Took way longer than it used to to come out of it and that wasn’t exactly a place I would have preferred to wake up in.”

“True,” Rose agreed, “still, how many people get to say, they woke up after their own funeral?”

The Doctor grimaced. “Cheeky little thing aren’t you? Do you know when doctor VanHoudros is going to let me out of here?”

“Tomorrow,” Rose answered, “they want to run a few more tests, just to be absolutely certain the alien’s poison is gone from your system. Also make sure you don’t do that ‘repeat performance.’”

“Accidentally play dead one time, and nobody trusts me,” he grumbles.

“Did they ever?” she said, wrapping her own arms around the Doctor and snuggling against him. She’s tired, but that was okay. She knew if she fell asleep she would wake up with the Doctor with her. Whatever forces there were in this universe, and for that she was grateful.

All was once again right in Rose Tyler’s universe.
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