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challenge 82

The TTU Ficathon

And it's back! Remember this, guys? ;) We had so much fun and success last time we thought we'd do it again! This ficathon is open to everyone, members and non-members alike, so please feel free to participate even if you're not in the comm, and definitely pimp this out to your friends! We want to have a Doctor/Rose filled two weeks of fun, so read the rules and then get to it!

- Post prompts. Doctor/Rose centered, and only one prompt per comment. This part of the ficathon will only be open until Sunday, September 4th, 9pm EST, to ensure that there aren't more prompts than fics.

- You may, however, write for prompts throughout the entire ficathon, no matter the cut off date for leaving them. Start right away or wait until last minute (please don't), it's your prerogative.

- Suitable prompts are words, phrases, places, pictures, settings, lyrics, quotes, what have you. This bit is flexible, just try to keep it vague enough that you're not practically writing the fic itself already!

- Please limit your prompts to the Doctor and Rose one on one: no threesomes. Mickey can be there, but he won't be getting any loving, capice?

-All prompts are fine, from G rated to adult. Crossovers are accepted, just specify which fandom you want to crossover with DW.

- Reply to prompts here. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN PROMPTS, FICS, AND FEEDBACK. There's a separate comment thread takethewords has opened up for questions and the like. Multiple responses are great, and you can even respond to your own prompt if you like.

- The limit on comments is 4,300 characters. If your piece turns out to be longer feel free to link to the whole fic in your comment.

- FEEDBACK FEEDBACK FEEDBACK. Seriously, guys. We want at least as many comments telling writers how awesome their fic is as comments we get with actual fic.

- This is a NON-COMPETITIVE challenge, obviously. No voting, no master lists, just a lovely bunch of fics inspired by a lovely bunch of prompts, free for the reading and writing.

- The ficathon will end on Sunday, September 11th, at 9pm EST.

- PIMP THIS LIKE IT'S YOUR JOB. Which, Members, it kind of is. Right up there with writing. You can do so easily with this handy dandy banner code:

ETA: Also now in fabulous flat view, for your convenience!
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