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Parallels, Doctor/Rose/TenII, pg
They will run along the surface of that Earth for a while, he thinks, then their coral will be grown and they will run among unknown stars and they will be brilliant together. , 941

A/N: This is an extremely experimental writing style, and I'm sorry if it's awful. Here's a little key: First paragraph is the Doctor. The three line paragraphs have the Doctor in plain text, and the Metacrisis in italics, with the bold middle line being identically shared thoughts of the two of them. The last paragraph is the Metacrisis.
All of the Metacrisis bits are set post Journey's End in Pete's World, the Doctor's bits start post JE and jump along through Let's Kill Hitler.

When the Doctor drops the love of his life and his clone off in Pete’s World, he assumes they will fight, and they will love, and they will be happy. He assumes he’s ripping out his heart for her happiness. They will run along the surface of that Earth for a while, he thinks, then their coral will be grown and they will run among unknown stars and they will be brilliant together.

He doesn’t / He didn’t
let himself remember how jeopardy friendly Rose is,
praying to gods he doesn’t believe in that she will be fine / he thinks bitterly, between frantic prayers to any deity he can think of

Their TARDIS will be grown soon/ Their TARDIS won’t be ready in time
and that’s what she really needs,
more than any Doctor he thinks bracingly/ more than any doctor he thinks bitterly

She’ll encounter aliens, and she’ll reach out to them/ Of course she reached out to those aliens
because she is Rose, and she trusts the good in others
even when they don’t think they deserve it/ even if they don’t deserve an ounce of it

He didn’t deserve her trust, so fresh from war/ He didn’t deserve her trust, didn’t even trust himself
but in the end, she made him better
and he will always owe her for that / and now he owes her the same

He did what he knew would be best for her/ Of course he knows what’s best for her, he argues
because no one may know it, but he knows what’s in her heart
she loves him, and he’s too selfish to watch her die/ he loves her, and he’s not about to watch her die

All that time he was alone, he never forgot her/ He’s alone, now, but he can’t forget the look on her face
and that is what propels him forward
she would never want him to just give up / he refuses to just give up, never on her

She had instantly stole into his hearts/ Almost instantly their worms had hit her heart
so many tiny little things, things you wouldn’t notice until it was too late
and he found himself reaching out to her as he died / and he refused to let himself reach out to her, even as she was dying

Because in the end, it was him and Rose / Because this wasn’t the end of him and Rose
his hand would always ache to hold hers
even as he watched his new fingers grip the console/ but he forced his fingers to grip the controls

And later, as he lays there clutching his heart and asks for someone he likes / And as she lays there, clutching her heart, and asks for him
he softens for a moment, looking at her face, before he shakes it off
now is not the time to indulge himself, this is an emergency / now is not the time to let himself break down, this is an emergency

He likes to know, at least, that he can see her, even if it’s only on a screen / He likes that he can see her from the other room, even if it’s only on a screen
and maybe it will come back to haunt him, when this is all over
but he needs to expel the poison before it’s too late/ but he needs to draw out the parasites before it’s too late

Fortunately, he doesn’t hear her voice come from the speakers / Unfortunately, he didn’t turn the speakers off, and her voice echoes through the speakers
and he doesn’t know if it makes him a terrible person that he wishes it were otherwise
because her silence lets him think / because her screams make it hard for him to think

And in the end, he is only saved by a woman who loves him / But in the end, it comes down to him to save the woman he loves
because he is aware that regeneration isn’t possible
and he gasps as her energy seeps through him / and she’s screaming as the energy blasts into her

The inside of the tube is so highly magnetized that is has been known to pull the metals out of cheap tattoo ink. The shells of the microscopic parasites latched onto the meat of her heart, weighing down the muscle and causing cardiomyopathy, are made of gargolythic plantinum. After a quick adjustment to the controls, Rose, inside the MRI, is subjected to a magnetized energy that pulses so fast it literally vibrates the parasites to dust. But it hurts her, and he doesn’t have any way to block the pain. When he sees the tiny dots on the imaging screen vanish completely, he turns the machine off and darts into the room, pulling her out of the tube so quickly the machine beeps a protest. She is pale, and has blood leaking out of the side of her mouth from a shattered filling in her tooth. The room is suddenly flooding with people, doctors who are outraged that he hijacked their patient, the boss’ daughter no less, to perform what they thought was an unnecessarily risky procedure. But they are quickly yelling other things, pelting him with questions, as they scan her and find the threat is gone. Through the throng of people, she lets one hand fall to the edge of the table, and he reaches out to take it.
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